I'm Hillary Banks Self.   Yes, that's really my name.

I'm seeking to use this site to be ever mindful of how vastly cool it is to be alive.  I'm broadcasting my appreciation for LiFe - from hillarybanks.com - and hoping to attract like thinkers who are grateful - just to be living.  To be fully aware of the power of the present moment - and, it's ability to meet your every need.

To remind myself of that, I've committed to ReCeSs!  That's right - daily - I'm taking 30 minutes to an hour to have recess - for myself.  Alone.  And, I get to do whatever my heart so chooses.  I am kind to myself in this time - and I treat myself to those types of dates or activities I'd been hoping to do - but, was never finding the time.  In doing this, I'm looking to reclaim a little bit of the joie de vivre that seems to have been lost in the past few years of work and obligation.  

I hope to explore the content of my own character, against a myriad of backdrops.  To adventure through life, trying new things, and bravely sharing my findings.  I hope to find something in common with other wanderers out there - like me.  I seek to inspire others and to also share and interact with like-minded gypsy-types.

I'm glad you're here...


2017 Update:

First of all, I think I look really cute (and sad) in that picture from 2008.  Can you beleive that was 9 years ago?  9 years!  Practically a decade...but, I digress.

I'm happy to say that recess has become a much more regular part of my day-to-day.  I think for me, now, it's more about enjoying myself, overall, regardless of what I'm doing.  (If you are singing and dancing while completing a project, that line between work and play certainly starts to blur.) 

I've fought myself for years, trying to find a "work/life balance".  I'm starting to think that "balance" isn't the answer, either.  Maybe work and life shouldn't necessarily be "balanced" - you know? Maybe it should just be more about living a contented life; while working, laughing, creating + loving...simultaneously?

Maybe this pursuit of balance is just making us feel lousy - because we never feel like we're achieving said balance.  But, when we allow ourselves to just be in the moment and have some fun (aka "recess")...said "balance" is then achieved - right there, in that very moment.  You know?  ;)  

I don't claim to have the answers, yet...but, I am still dedicated to the idea of recess.  

Because, FUN!