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Chosen Ones

the homeless man on the corner said i'm one of the "chosen ones". he said he can tell so, because of my smile.

standing up on the corner, he proclaimed, "beautiful smile on this one. beautiful smile. she's one of the chosen ones."

i feel chosen. i feel special.

i woke up this morning to a cool ocean breeze through my open windows, and the sounds of various birds singing their chorus. finding my journal on the bedside table, i began listing the things i'm thankful for, 

"thank you, Lord-
for my wonderful family, friends, and boyfriend.
thank you for your Grace and for reminding me that it, alone, is enough.
thank you for your Peace, and that you left it for each of us.
thanks for giving me the strength and energy to make the most out of this opportunity.
thank you for the ocean breeze.
thakn you for the birds singing outside of my window.
thank you for late night phone calls, and early morning wake up calls.

i love you, Lord.

thank you for blessing me.
thank you for loving me.

in Jesus' name I pray-

because it was only 6:45am, i decided to go for a 15-minute run on the beach. i was amazed at the activity that abounded outside my walls. surfers suiting up, and running out to the ocean, to catch an early morning set. joggers and dog-walkers all smiled as i passed by. a few of the homeless were stirring, and starting their days, as well. i saw the man who proclaimed i was one of the chosen ones. wiping last nights sleep from his eyes, and tying his bootlace, he looked up with his dark, mysterious eyes. around the corner, a couple was riding a tandem bike, and a cat scampered across the alley.

many of the things i see, i wish i could share with elliott, or mom, or misty, or michelle, or.....

but, then i remember...i CAN share them. and, i will. over coffee, or a phone conversation, or on the back of jeff's boat, in a few months time.

so much to take in here. so much to see. much to be thankful for, and even more that i feel like i can learn, affect, and change. i want to add to the positivity in the world. i want to increase the good vibes, and i want to make the most of this experience. 

if a simple smile can make me a "chosen one" then i want to smile more.

being outside of your element, increases your awareness. this much, i know. but, thinking back to humble, tx...and the world in which i've left for the time being, i know that i also saw similar things on my morning runs. also, i saw unique things, that only texas has to offer. 

each place has its own glory, and its own merit. it's up to us to find the beauty in it.

i encourage each of us to find the bliss in our own surroundings. please share with me the eccentricities you notice today. the funny, sweet, sincere, or amusing parts of your days.

i believe, that by doing looking at our worlds with a child's eyes, we WILL be adding to the positivity, and to the appreciation we hold for our surroundings. 

i believe starting the day, this way, is a beginning in that direction. we will be behaving and thinking as His chosen ones. with appreciation, amusement, and gratitude.

if you do the same...please come back and share your observations here...i'd love to read them.


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