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i've tried to write - so many times, recently. 
i'll make the necessary clicks to get to this blank blog page - and blink at the cursor as it blinks back at me.

i am not empty - but, my words are

i haven't stopped reading though-and seeking music that awakens me.
lately, it feels like music is a kick-start for my tired heart

i don't know where i'm about to head with my life - but, i've been seeking out options and considering nothing as a limitation, except my own fear.

at 28, fear is a much greater factor in my life than i would like to admit. 
i've been a fearful girl my entire life. sincerely.
and, usually this fear is well based - because it's only been a matter of time before life would rise back up 
and smack me (or my family) in the face:

i realize, now - this is true for everyone.

and, so i don't feel like the thoughts i have any more are so original
or merit a blog - requesting of you - your time to read it and possibly respond.

i keep waiting for that epiphany moment of inspired writing. 
that laser focused moment of clarity which will release all of this energy that is collecting inside of me

i'm ready for a release 
and to find my channel for this next period of my life
once i find it - all of my energy will flow in that positive direction.

until then, though - i seek - and my cursor blinks..

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