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"Behind in my Work"

*Image provided to me by my sister, Heidi.

I've returned to work from a 2-week vacation that took me from Texas to Oklahoma, then back to Florida.

Both of my older sisters had their first children in July - and my step-sister had her first daughter - so I jokingly referred to my trip home as "Babypalooza" - but, it seriously was a baby filled two weeks - and I loved every moment of it!

Since returning to Florida from two blissful weeks of snuggling my nephews and laughing at their funny little baby babbles - I've been smacked in the face with a $#!t load of work that was "due yesterday".  To say I'm "behind in my work" is an understatement.

Here's to praying that I can grasp ahold of some of the psychological and spiritual things that were developing for me over those 2 weeks - and that I can somehow grapple my work life into a managable balance.

I need balance.  I need something that reminds me that I'm a part of something more.  

So, even though it's Saturday - and I'm back in Miami Beach - I'm working today.  Because maybe then I can get ahead.  And, at some point, I'll develop that balance that everyone keeps talking about.

I hope the next time I write it's much more colorful and meaningful - but, for today - I'm blah...

Recess, anyone?  Maybe tomorrow...


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