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Vacation = Baby Palooza, Class Reunions & Q.T. with the Family

I finally took a vacation!

2 weeks off from work to go home and see my family in Oklahoma.  I have three older sisters - and all three of them were expecting babies near the first of July - so I scheduled time to be home for all the arrivals.  Turns out 2 of the 3 babies came early - so they were already ready and waiting when I arrived in OK.

I am now a very proud Auntie of four amazing children.

First, meet Will.  He's already a globetrotter at 22 months - having lived in TX, OK, KY, and now TN.  His Daddy is in the Coast Guard - so they get to see a lot of the world.  As you can tell - he totally inherited my sense of style.  I just love this lil' Dude.

Next, I'd like you to meet Makayla.  She was born mid-June - and is currently giving Alvin the Chipmunk some serious competition for cutest chipmunk cheeks.  She's cuddly, she's sweet - and she lives entirely too far away from me:

Then, there's Ike.  Ike only listens to Beatles lullabies - and he loves to check out new sights and new sounds.  He's very alert - always listening and looking.  He was born on "The Day of the Performer" - (same day as Prince) - and I can tell, already - he's got an ear for good music.  I like to think he got some of that from me...

Last, but certainly not least, Ace decided to make his earthly debut.  He is very active, always kicking his feet and lifting his head to check things out.  He decided to pee on me, to mark his territory, I guess - when I was helping to change his diaper.  I have to say...I was surprisingly chill about this.  I mean...I'm not going to say it was cute...but, I will say, I'm gonna give him heck about it when he grows up.

If I thought I knew what it felt like to be home-sick BEFORE these little guys decided to join the family - I was wrong.  Because my missing home is like TEN times more, now that these little guys are here.  I just want to hold 'em - and be the auntie that squeezes their sweet lil' cheeks.  (There's no shame in my game, guys.)

It just so happened, that while I was home - it was the Cordell High School All-School reunion - which means I did get to see a few of my favorite folks from my not so glorious days in h.s.  That was a ton of fun.  The biggest head-trip for me was seeing the niece of my high-school boyfriend/first love.  She looks so much like him - cute as a button.  I've already started teaching her to appreciate the finer things in life, like FIJI - Meet LuLu:

All in all - it was an amazing two weeks.

I plan to spoil every one of these Sweeties.

And, if you're curious if seeing all of these babies has given me baby fever - no.  I think witnessing my three sisters' deal with diapers, feeding and zero-sleep has been the best birth-control I've ever heard of.

I think I get the best of both worlds - I can play with 'em, spoil 'em - then send them home to their mommies.  :) For now, I'm very happy and content being an Auntie.


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Fabulous aunties are such a blessing, no matter how far away they are. My sister has been Avery's greatest cheerleader and my greatest support despite the fact that she's in NY and we're in CO.
PS - can I make a request? My favorite lullaby to sing to Avery is True Colors by Cyndi Lauper. I would love to hear you sing/play it as a tribute to all your little ones. I just love the message. The lyrics get me choked up every time.
Love to you.

July 19, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterVirginia

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