...waiting for the bell to ring. Scampering outside to play...

This weekend felt like a true weekend.  A true recess.  "Amen" to that.  I needed it.  

I needed some time - a whole 24 hours or so - that felt like my own.

Friday night, I went to a birthday party at a really fun place called, "Dolores, but you can call me Lolita".  Any place with a name that adorable - HAS to be fun.  PLUS, it was Evelyn's birthday, so - that pretty much equals best night ever.  

All my new friends were there - and we laughed - a lot.  It's fun looking back at the pictures from the night - because I can tell - I'm really coming into my own here in Miami - and I've met some really stellar people.  I especially like this photo - of me with my friends - because there is just no telling what I just said to get that sorta reaction: 

Saturday, Jack and I went to the Dog Beach off the Key Biscayne Bridge.  We had so much fun!  He was fetching and swimming and fetching and swimming for over two hours.  And, then came the "salt water sickness".  Poor baby got sick from gulping down all that salt water - and I have to say, the chaos on the beach with all these dogs getting sick....I kept waiting for Jim Carrey to walk through the scene at any minute.  I'll spare you the photos - and just give you a cute shot of him AFTER the big day-on the ride home:


But, SUNDAY...Sunday kinda was amazing!  First, Jack and I went for an hour long run.  The flowers were out in full force - and it was beautiful:

I think Jack liked them:

I really liked the entrance to this home - but, my thumb decided to make it's debut into the photo:


Then, my friends and I got all dressed up and went to the US Polo Championship game about an hour and a half north of Miami in Wellington.  It was fabulosity - my first polo match - and I savored every sip of the Veuve - and laughed and laughed. 

How was your weekend?  Have you figured out what you're doing for recess today?

What's that you ask?  What am I doing for recess, today?  

Well, I'm gonna try and Skype this guy:


Smoke & Ashes (Cover)

The first time I heard this song I was 14 or 15 years old.  It immediately resonated with me then, because I always seemed to be the one burning with desire - and the boys I dated were "just not that into me".  Fast-forward 14 more years - and this song still rings so true to my soul.  It can be tough being so passionate.  I think my mom says it best when she said I was "cursed with a big heart".

I hope you enjoy this cover of Tracy Chapman's "Smoke and Ashes" - this goes out to all those people who still believe that romance and passion are possible - and that all it takes is a little stoking the fire to make it last - always.


Jack - or Jacques (if you're from the French Riviera)

This is my dog, Jack. I found him on in Houston, TX - and knew right away that he and I would get along. He's my best friend.

Sometimes, I think I want to write a story about him - Jacques the Adventurer - always keen, a daring explorer.

If I were to write a picture book - I'd draw him something like this:

He's alway up for an adventure, and Jack likes to ride-shot gun.  In fact, once when he travelled from Southeast Texas to Birmingham, Alabama (and back!) - he earned the nickname "Shotgun Jackie". 

Then, there was the time that he rode all the way from Houston to Miami Beach on a feather bed.  Jacques the Explorer was especially comfortable on that trek.


Jack likes to smack.  Especially when you're eating the best Breakfast Taco ever at Jo's in Austin's SoCo area.


Jack DOESN'T like hats:


But, he DOES love the water...


And, he DOES love naps.

I bet Jacques is off exploring - even in his dreams, tonight.



Near the Water 

Believe it or not, this is the view from my Doctor's office.  Just another one of the perks of living near the water.  

I've been so busy with work - I guess I just ran my immune system into the ground, because I am very sick today.  I went to the doctor, yesterday - and after several needle pricks - and a prescription for an antibiotic - I'm back home and hopefully on the mend.  (It doesn't really feel like it, just yet- but, ANY MINUTE now - I just know those antibiotics are going to kick in.)

Being so busy with work - I haven't made time for recess.  And, for those of you who are just joining my blog - that's the whole point of this slice of cyber-space: to encourage each of us, as adults to honor ourselves and that enthusiastic inner child - and practice recess each day.  Recess can be anything you want it to be - as long as it's what YOU want to do.  And, it can be 15 minutes or a whole day - really - beause, who's going to tell you "no" - besides you?  

So, I haven't been practicing recess - I've been using the excuse that my work is thrilling enough - that I'm always encountering something new and inspiring.  And, it is : but, that's still no reason to flake out on "me" time.  So, now that I'm sick and run down from pushing entirely too hard this past month - I am feeling quite passionately about re-instating recess.  :)  I think my dog, Jack, feels pretty passionately about this, too - because he's constantly looking intently out the window:

So, this weekend, I did spend some time in the ocean - and it's always healing for me.  I like to let my senses be completely immersed in the moment.  The water clapping into the shore with such a thunderous noise - it was like a thousand people giving a standing ovation.  The saltiness of the air - and its' taste on my lips.  The grittiness of the sand - massaging my insoles.  The silence of diving in underwater - and allowing the tide to wash me around in its dance.  I love being near the water - I love spending time in nature.  The world is such an amazing place - and too much concrete can tend to dry up my heart - and make it ache.  

So, even though - today may not be the day for another beach excursion (since I'm sick and all) - I can go there in my mind - and I've got the entire thing recorded, mentally.  Right down to the salt on my lips.  And, tomorrow - when my antibiotics kick in...well, who knows - we may just grab the sidewalk chalk and go outside!

What are your plans for recess this week?  


White Horse (Cover)

I've been teaching myself to play guitar - and this is one I just started learning, yesterday.

It's a cover of Taylor Swift's "White Horse".  We'll see how it goes.  If you guys like this sort of thing - let me know and maybe I'll post more videos like it.

Here goes nothin':