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I've played a lot of dress up.

Boo! Bees!


Coookie & Medusa!


And, I've traveled for my friend Jocelyn's wedding.  We went to Las Vegas for her bachelorette party (nope, no pictures of that trip, folks) and then I traveled to Austin last weekend for the big wedding.  (Which was LITERALLY the perfect wedding of all time.)

I walked home alone that night hailing a taxi in my bridesmaid dress in downtown Austin - and I was thinking just how awake I felt.  How alive - and fully on my own.  It was a rush of a realization - I'm still not certain it has settled into my brain, though. 

One of the dearest friends of mine drove for hours to see me and he took me to a Gospel Brunch at "Hill's Dinner" - on South Congress in Austin.  I had the Migas for $4 and it was delicious.  They served their water and tea in large jars and everything was family style and friendly.  The music was a fun addition to our morning coffee chat.

Hill's Diner - Sunday Gospel Brunch - Austin, TX (SoCo)


Why's it feel so fancy and fun to see your nickname on a big sign?  I don't know...but, I like it!

Imagine how "The Seekers" feel!

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